Seed packets

Thinking of trying your hand at gardening? Just visit your local library.

According to a recent article on NPR‘s food blog, The Salt, a public library in Basalt, Colo. is now lending out seed packets to visitors. The local library is stocking its shelves with the seed packets along with books, CDs, and movies. Visitors with a library card have access to the seeds and after growing the fruits or vegetables from the packets, the trade is to harvest the new seeds from the biggest and best and return those to the library so they can keep the lending process going.

Library director Barbara Milnor says that with the popularity of technology these days, the seeds are another way to draw people in to the library, while promoting local food at the same time. She adds that while some think a library is an odd place for the program, seeds and plants should be available to everyone, so what better place to do it?

The American Library Association says there are dozens of similar programs popping up around the country.

What do you think of this program? Would you “check out” seeds from your local library if they were available? Share with us in the comments!

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