United States agriculture soybeans

Farmers in more than 30 states grow soybeans, making soybeans the country’s second-largest crop in cash sales and the No. 1 value crop export. Here are more national facts about soybeans:

• The livestock industry is the largest consumer of soy meal.

• The soybean is the highest natural source of dietary fiber.

• Soy ink is used to print textbooks and newspapers.

• In 2010, soybeans represented 56 percent of world oilseed production, and 33 percent of those soybeans were produced by the American farmer.

• The U.S. exported 1.16 billion bushels (31.6 million metric tons) of soybeans in 2008, which accounted for 40 percent of the world’s soybean trade.

• A 60-pound bushel of soybeans yields about 48 pounds of protein-rich meal and 11 pounds of oil.

• One and a half gallons of biodiesel and 48 pounds of soybean meal can be produced from one bushel of soybeans.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture

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