Top Agriculture Products

The greenhouse industry is growing, blooming and flourishing in Alabama.


Diverse forestry industry offers many benefits to the state.


Dairy farmers in Alabama adapt to new industry climate.


Alabama goat production booming, faces challenges.


Alabama’s seafood industry hauls in lots of variety.


Alabama’s poultry industry improves genetics, efficiency, technology and husbandry.


Federal grant helps Alabama specialty crop growers develop their business, competitiveness.


Alabama farmers rely on both cotton and corn in their fields.


Couple Gary and Barbara Wright receives honor from Alabama Poultry & Egg Federation.


Cattle is produced in every county in Alabama, making it second only to poultry in terms of revenue among all Alabama commodities.


From roadside markets to retail stores, Alabama peaches significantly impact the state’s economy.


A top agricultural commodity, peanut production helps boost Alabama’s economy.

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