Connecting Farmers & Consumers

Mississippi chefs use fresh, local food to create unforgettable flavors.


Mississippi Ag and Forestry Museum stages a comeback – thanks to community support.


Elementary school teacher turns his classroom into an agricultural wonderland.


The Society of St. Andrew provides leftover produce for the hungry.


Vardaman women create delectable treats from the town’s most famous crop.


Eubanks Produce continues 100-year family tradition of farming Mississippi vegetables.


Mississippi-based agricultural equipment company adapts over decades.


Family, teamwork are strengths of Rivers’ horticulture operations in Mississippi.


Mississippi corn and soybeans are found in more products than you might think.


Get to the meat of consumer misconceptions about modern farming and food production.


Harkins’ rocking chairs grace the homes of presidents, celebrities and clients in 38 countries.


A tasty tradition attracts crowds at the Mississippi State Fair.

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