North Carolina ag [INFOGRAPHIC}

  • Broilers – Broilers, or chickens raised for meat, topped North Carolina’s list of commodities with a production value of $3.85 billion in 2014. The state is home to 795.2 million head.
  • Cattle and calves – North Carolina’s farms had an inventory of 810,000 cattle and calves in 2014. These lucrative livestock had a $419.44 million value of production.
  • Corn – A single acre of corn removes 8 tons of carbon dioxide from the air in one growing season, meaning North Carolina corn removed 6.72 million tons of carbon in 2014. This crop had a value of production of $417 million.
  • Cotton – Cotton had a $306.8 million value of production in 2014. North Carolina harvested 460,000 acres and produced enough cotton to make 213.92 million pairs of jeans.
  • Eggs – Not to be outdone by the state’s broilers, North Carolina’s 14.4 million laying hens produced 3.38 billion eggs in 2014. Sold in the shell, cartons or in processed foods, eggs had a $501 million value of production.
  • Hogs – Pork is the most popular meat in the world, so it is no surprise that North Carolina’s 8.8 million hogs had a $2.85 billion value of production in 2014.
  • Soybeans – Producers harvested 69.2 million bushels on 1.73 million acres in 2014. This versatile crop can be processed into food or fuel and had a $712.76 million value of production that same year.
  • Sweet potatoes – The new “it” food, sweet potatoes are enjoyed in a variety of ways, and North Carolina ranks top in the nation for production of this crop. In 2014, the state produced 1.58 billion pounds of sweet potatoes with a production value of $345.82 million.
  • Tobacco – Tobacco continues to be one of the state’s top crops. Farmers harvested 453.9 million pounds for a $911.83 million value of production in 2014.
  • Turkeys – North Carolina ranks third nationally in turkey production. The state’s 28.5 million turkeys had a production value of $733.2 million in 2014.
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