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1. Soybeans – The top ranking export in Ohio generated $2.87 billion in 2012, with $1.73 billion from exports. In the U.S., soybeans are the second largest crop in cash sales and the top agricultural export.

2. Corn – U.S. corn growers produce 36.2 percent of the world’s corn, more than any other country. Ohio corn producers brought in $2.85 billion in 2012, and ranked No. 7 in the nation for exports.

3. Dairy products and milk – The No. 1 producer of Swiss cheese earned $1 billion in cash receipts from dairy products in 2012. Did you know that carbon dioxide bubbles cause the holes in Swiss cheese?

4. Hogs – Pork, the most widely eaten meat in the world, is responsible for 7.2 percent of all Ohio farm receipts, or $724.62 million in 2012. Each market hog raised produces 371 servings of pork.

5. Cattle and calves – Cattle and calves are raised on 25,501 Ohio farms, and generated $552.81 million in 2012. The ground beef from a single steer is enough to make approximately 720 quarter-pound hamburgers.

6. Chicken eggs – Ohio is ranked second in the nation for egg production, and earned $523 million in 2012. One laying hen in the U.S. produces anywhere from 250 to 300 eggs annually.

7. Greenhouse and nursery – Greenhouse and nursery products, such as Christmas trees and floriculture, earned $365.17 million in cash receipts in 2012. Ohio greenhouses and nurseries also produce aquatic plants, bulbs and more.

8. Wheat – Ohio producers harvested 31 million bushels of wheat, which is enough to make 6.5 billion servings of pasta. Approximately three-quarters of all U.S grain products are made from wheat flour.

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9. Broilers – Broilers, or chickens raised for meat, generated $189.6 million in cash receipts in 2012. Americans consume 83.6 pounds of chicken per capita, more than any other country in the world.

10. Turkeys –  Ohio’s turkey flocks consume more than 252 million pounds of corn a year. Turkeys are raised on 876 farms in Ohio, and earned $158.22 million in cash receipts in 2012.

Ohio Top 10 Ag Products [INFOGRAPHIC]


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