Hawaii Greenhouse/Nurseries

1. Greenhouse and nursery – In 2013, Oregon’s greenhouse and nursery production, including Christmas trees, earned $848 million in cash receipts.

2. Cattle and calves – Approximately 14,350 farms and ranches raised cattle and calves in Oregon in 2013, earning an estimated $669 million for the state’s economy.

3. Hay – Oregon farmers produced 3 million tons of hay in 2012 to provide feed for cattle, sheep and horses when grazing is not feasible.

4. Dairy products – Oregon dairy farmers milked 123,000 cows in 2013, earning an estimated $553 million in cash receipts. Milk from these dairies is used in the state’s award-winning cheeses.

5. Grass seed – Oregon is a leader in grass seed production, with a 2013 value of $411 million. The seed is used on lawns, golf courses, athletic fields and pastures around the world.

6. Wheat – Known especially for Oregon soft white winter wheat, Oregon production earned $ 368 million in 2013, largely from a robust export market.

7. Potatoes – Potatoes were harvested from 41,667 acres in Oregon in 2013 – or 55,000 American football fields – and generated $170.5 million.

8. Onions – Oregon is well-known for producing onions, and the crop earned $143.3 million in cash receipts in 2013. Onions grown in Oregon are used by internationally known brands.

9. Hazelnuts – Oregon is the country’s largest producer of hazelnuts, and ships overseas to China and elsewhere. In 2013, the crop was valued at $120 million.

10. Pears – The official state fruit of Oregon earned $111 million in cash receipts in 2013. The Pacific Northwest is responsible for 84 percent of U.S. pear production.

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