ORegon's to 10 agricultural products [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Cattle and Calves – Oregon’s farms and ranches were home to 100,000 head of cattle and calves in 2014. This important livestock commodity had a production value of $922 million that year.
  2. Greenhouse & Nursery – Ranking No. 1 in the nation for potted florist azaleas, greenhouse and nursery products are a major source of revenue for Oregon, with a $830 million value for production in 2014.
  3. Hay – This commodity had a $703 million production value in 2014. The 350,000 acres of hay harvested by Oregon farmers yielded 1.54 million tons.
  4. Milk & Dairy Products – The state’s 125,000 dairy cows produced 2.55 billion pounds of milk in 2014. Milk had a production value of $657 million in 2014.
  5. Grass Seed – The nation’s leading producer of orchardgrass seed, fescue seed and ryegrass seed, Oregon’s grass seed industry ensures that the world is a little greener. In 2014, the state’s grass seed production had a value of $449 million.
  6. Wheat – Oregon farmers produced 44.44 million bushels of wheat on 818,000 harvested acres in 2014. This staple grain crop had a production value of $302 million each year.
  7. Potatoes – Potatoes had a hearty production value of $165 million in 2014. Farmers harvested 38,900 acres of potatoes to be sold in grocery stores and fresh markets or to be processed into chips and other ready-to-eat products.
  8. Hazelnuts – Producers yielded a total of 36,000 tons of hazelnuts in 2014 to be sold whole, chopped or used as ingredients in high-value processed products. This crop had a healthy $130 million value of production.
  9. Pears – One of the state’s most prized fruit crops, pears had a $127 million production value in 2014. Oregon’s orchards bore 215,000 tons of pears that same year.
  10. Wine Grapes – Yet another lucrative fruit crop for Oregon, grapes had a production value of $118 million in 2014. Producers harvested 58,000 tons of grapes.
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