Broilers in MS

1. Broilers – Broilers are chickens raised for meat, and South Carolina ranks ninth in the nation in broiler production. The industry generated $769 million in cash receipts in 2012. Chicken meat is the state’s No. 2 ag export.

2. Turkeys – The turkey industry in South Carolina generated $359 million in 2012 with producers raising an estimated 12 million birds. South Carolina is ranked No. 6 in the nation for turkey production.

3. Greenhouse/nursery – Greenhouse/nursery products in South Carolina generated $242 million in 2012 and accounted for 8.3 percent of farm receipts. Turfgrass for more than 400 golf courses is an important contributor to the state’s green industry.

4. Cotton – In 2012, South Carolina farmers harvested an average of 918 pounds of cotton per acre, setting a new state record from the 298,000 acres planted. Cotton earned $212 million in cash receipts for 2012.

5. Corn – Farmers in South Carolina harvested roughly 310,000 acres of corn in 2012 and generated $207 million, which is 7 percent of commodity receipts for the state. South Carolina corn is used for grain and to produce renewable fuels.

6. Cattle/calves – South Carolina is home to 370,000 cattle, which includes both beef and dairy. Together, the two industries accounted for 6 percent of state farm receipts in 2012 and earned an estimated $177 million.

7. Soybeans – A staple crop for South Carolina, farmers planted nearly 400,000 acres of soybeans in 2012 and harvested more than 12.5 million bushels. The 2012 soybean crop generated $155 million in cash receipts.

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8. Peanuts – Approximately 406 million pounds of peanuts were harvested by South Carolina farmers from 107,000 acres in 2012. The state’s peanut crop earned $137 million in cash receipts.

9. Chicken eggs – Eggs are a $109 million industry in South Carolina, based on 2012 cash receipts. South Carolina egg farms produce nearly 70 million eggs annually from more than 5.5 million layer hens.

10. Wheat – Used as a cover crop during the winter months and harvested in the early summer, South Carolina farmers planted 235,000 acres of winter wheat in 2012, generating $83 million in cash receipts.

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