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Little Rock Zoo exhibit

From Farm to Zoo

Little Rock Zoo exhibit gives visitors a unique, hands-on agricultural experience.
KY ag education

Getting Schooled in Ag

Kentucky organizations find fun ways to introduce students to ag.

Tennessee 4-H: Skills for Life

Tennessee 4-H has been teaching life skills to youth for more than 100 years.

Tennessee 4-H: Giving Youth a Firm Foundation

Tennessee 4-H starts youth on the path to success.

Taking a Bite Out of Ag Entrepreneurship

New Tennessee Ag “shark tank” program encourages 4-H, FFA students into ag entrepreneurship.

Know Your Agriculture

Get to the meat of consumer misconceptions about modern farming and food production.
Georgia agriculture education

Agriculture Beyond the Classroom

FFA, 4-H benefit urban schools.
Randy Dowdy of Georgia

Brooks County Farmers Know What Works

Experience, yearn for learning drive Brooks County farmers.

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Why Grainger County, Tennessee, Tomatoes Are So Tasty

Grainger County, Tennessee is known throughout the produce world for their tomatoes.

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