Tennessee’s Top Crops and Livestock [Infographic]

Article By: Cathy Lockman
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Tennessee agriculture commodities include soybeans, corn, cotton, tobacco and wheat. Here are some facts and stats about which counties grow which crops, how many acres are grown and how many bushels are harvested.

tennessee top crops infographic

Livestock also plays an important role in Tennessee agriculture, as beef cattle is the state’s top agricultural commodity, and Tennessee ranks second in the nation in meat goat production. Broilers (chickens raised for meat), dairy and swine round out the state’s top livestock.

Tennessee top livestock

Article From: Farm Flavor - www.farmflavor.com

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  1. Steve Applebaugh says:

    I love this site! As a public school teacher, I appreciate having access to this detailed information. Our students are trying to research assigned states, for the students learning about Tennessee, you are a superb resource! Thank you,
    Steve Applebaugh

  2. justin hutchens says:

    Hi i am 24 years old and i am just now getting in to farming. I have lots to learn but the one question i have that will start me off on my adventure. I have access to 40 acrs of land and i was wandering what would be a good cash crop to grow, what would be something i could buld on for the future. Im sorry for the lack of info i just need a point in the rite direction any help i am thankfull for. hope to here from someone thank you so much


  3. Gary Joines says:

    Is there a role for drone photography in agriculture in Tennessee?